ZR-Geo - An aluminum series symbolizing the new era

This newly evolved aluminum body emanates a rich sheen, while the X-rib design symbolizes the new era. Introduced in Zero Halliburton's 75th anniversary year, the ZR-Geo Series explores new possibilities for aluminum luggage.

The deeply sculptured, double-rib design is an unmistakable Zero Halliburton trademark. The traditional design has evolved into an X-rib version -- a stylish new interpretation.

The new X-rib design was created by a series of complex calculations and design processes. However, it retains the main objective of the rib design, which is to reduce weight while improving rigidity with its aluminum material.

The stunning shape was achieved by a manufacturing method that incorporates an advanced new bending process. The geometric pattern of the X-rib and the protective corner guards are carefully balanced. All parts, including the handle, casters and even screws, have been newly designed.
The ZR-Geo Series is the result of our pursuit of the highest levels of luggage performance in terms of toughness, precision and durability.

With times changing and travel purposes diversifying, why does Zero Halliburton continue to insist on aluminum?

The ZR-Geo Series boasts a beautiful contemporary form and unrivalled performance, to deliver the ultimate traveling experience.